Falk Richter

Deutlich weniger Tote
2 Darsteller
UA: 04.11.2006 · Theater Bielefeld
With this play, we inevitably think of all the news reports about the wars of this world.
Two people, a young man and an elderly man, are standing facing each other.
The younger one asks questions, questions about the past.
Yes, the neighbors were nice.
Yes all of them, especially the Syrians, replies the elder.
Yes, and today, today there are significantly fewer dead, and someone blows up only now and then.
The bodies are regularly removed.
Also, we finally have enough oil and water.
But after awhile he hesitates with his answers. He becomes increasingly uncertain, and the questions become more urgent, more personal.
The mood is changing. The older one becomes an interrogator, has to justify himself and gets increasingly distressed.
Falk Richter's play Deutlich weniger Tote abducts the audience into a totalitarian state, which comes very close to surveillance state.
Translated into: French