Stefan Schütz

Die Schweine
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2 D, 8 H, 2 Dek
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The pigs are getting a new barn. Selma has had the new building put up because of her successes with breeding. During the move on the evening before the inauguration, it is found that sixty-six pigs are missing. The pig mistress had covered up that three piglets died a year ago. In the night, the community investigates the case and accuses Selma of fraud. The collective has a murderous mistrust of the self-assured woman, the individual who stubbornly cares for the pigs on her own. Now Selma burns the whole barn down. Selma only saves her favourite sow, Rosa, taking her into the woods, which is being scoured for the arsonist. But Selma slays her, turns herself into Rosa and flees. The chairman of the cooperative marries the headless corpse of the sow. Daylight, which everyone is waiting for, doesn’t want to break.
Translated into: French