Nele Stuhler

Gaia rettet die Welt
(Gaia rettet sich selbst)
(Oder auch:
(Wie alles so geworden ist)
Wie es ist)

(Bzw. dann auch noch:
Wie es vorher war
Und wie es zwischendurch war)
Besetzung variabel
UA: 20.01.2023 · Staatstheater Nürnberg · Directed by: Branko Janack
Gaia is tired and has decided to retire after all the creating. But lying by the pool with Mythos and watching Zeus, in various disguises, deposit his seed packets with girlfriends and relatives no longer fulfills her. Something is missing, she doesn't know what, but something between god and stone that has language so she can talk to that something about the weather and mortality. And so she creates beings that do nothing but be happy. She calls this new creation people, but soon loses interest in them. Zeus and Prometheus also try their hand at making people but, like Gaia, are dissatisfied with the result. So they leave the project to play Jenga. When the gods are distracted, the people multiply unnoticed, hundreds become thousands and then millions, and after a while they have broken Gaia's whole creation and stuck it with chewing gum. Myth decides that the people have to leave, all of them. But they cling to their existence and manage to keep delaying their extinction. At some point Gaia must intervene. But will and can she have mercy on her creation?

After Gaia Doesn't Google, Gaia Saves the World continues in a no less funny and bizarrely enlightening way - Gaia's power of creation and the people created from it once again prove to be a complex burden in this second part.


Nele Stuhler

“Unsere Zeit war doch gerade erst gekommen” – GAIA RETTET DIE WELT am Staatstheater Nürnberg

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Nele Stuhler

"DAS IST GROSSARTIG" - Nele Stuhlers Schöpfungsgeschichtenkomödie GAIA RETTET DIE WELT am Staatstheater Nürnberg

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