Hüseyin Cirpici, Lothar Kittstein

Kein schöner Land
Auftragsarbeit für das Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach
2 D, 7 H
UA: 28.05.2016 · Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach · Directed by: Matthias Gehrt
A men’s choir is practicing in different clubhouses. „Muss i denn, muss i denn zum Städele hinaus“ has just been struck up. And then the door opens, and an African refugee is standing in front of them. He asks if he can sing, too. And now nothing is the same anymore. The familiar feeling of home has vanished—the foreign isn’t outside anymore, but inside.

Together with Hüseyin Michael Cirpici, Lothar Kittstein conducted interviews with refugees in homes and refugee cafés. In addition, they created a feeling of a multi-voiced choir by collecting comments from Facebook and other websites.

“Simple answers, such as those which are all too easy to find on the far-right edge of the political spectrum, won’t help—this play helps us understand this.” (Westdeutsche Zeitung)

“This play applies to everyone, and the audience lets us know this with their long applause and standing ovations for the ensemble, direction team, and authors.” (Rheinische Post)