Thomas Mann

Lotte in Weimar
Nach dem gleichnamigen Roman
Dramatisiert von Brigitte Landes
3 D, 3 H, 1 Dek
UA: 01.11.1998 · Deutsches National Theater, Weimar · Directed by: Brigitte Landes
"What a memorable event!" cries the waiter Mager, from the guesthouse Zum Elephanten in Weimar, when the famous heroine of The Sorrwos of Young Werther descends from her coach to spend a few weeks in Weimar. Charlotte Kestner, nee Buff, from Wetzlar, is now 63 years old. Since the world-famous episode between Lotte and the young Goethe, 44 years have passed, and Goethe has never seen her again.

The work concentrates on the main figure of Lotte, an occasion for Thomas Mann to express himself through Goethe about all aspects of her effect in Weimar. This treatment, like the novel, is cheekily disrespectful of Goethe's dealings. All those who speak to Lotte complain bitterly about him. Lotte listens with astonishment and always brings the conversation back to herself and Werther through clever questions. She wants to be the only "prototype" of Lotte, even if, unlike the Lotte in the book, she has blue eyes. She is on the trail of her own importance.

Like a sketch, the work presents the figures, who are equipped with attributes that allow an ironic and easy handling of the "roles". They are to be played and read. (Brigitte Landes)