Falk Richter

Never Forever
Auftragsarbeit für die Schaubühne Berlin
4 D, 4 H
UA: 9.9.2014 · Schaubühne Berlin · Directed by: Falk Richter
A woman is observed, but the countless pieces of information that can be discovered about her do not form any sort of clear image. A therapist identifies herself so strongly with her patient that her life gets out of control. A father, whom his ex-wife had turned out onto the street, wants to see his son. A philosopher despises his students, who are constantly staring at their smartphones and only want to hear the highlights. A lonely young man surfs restlessly on the Internet and posts extreme and disturbing content, desperately hoping for attention. All these people cannot find peace. They look for meaningful encounters, but they only see themselves reflected in the other and dive once more into the digital world. They live with a virtually infinite number of possibilities, they work to exhaustion – work especially on themselves. Solitary, narcissistic, exhausted, each of them carries a repressed rage which could break out at any time.

For his new project, Falk Richter looks again to the border between drama and dance. For the first time, he works with Nir de Volff and his dancers from the company TOTAL BRUTAL. The body images and patterns of movement in the choreographies of Nir de Volff, which oscillate rapidly between brutally powerful and intimately vulnerable, tell us in another language how this world leaves its trace in human bodies. (Announcement of the Schaubühne Berlin)