Stefan Schütz

5 Szenen
2 D, 4 H, 1 Dek
UA: 18.11.1991 · Théâtre des Capucins, Luxemburg · Directed by: Frank Hoffmann
DSE: 02.04.1993 · Freie Kammerspiele, Magdeburg · Directed by: Wolf Bunge
Orestobsession is a brave attempt at drawing a relationship between the antique drama and modern German history. On the one hand, Orestes and Electra, who are putting up a fight against an unwanted and unloved family, then Clytemnestra, who is defending herself and her values; and on the other hand, the German people manifested in the chorus, which is trying to free itself from its father and mother figures. Coming from another world and a stranger in this modern one, Orestes must now face Western realities such as commercialisation and self harm through the consumption of drugs. Orestes’ role changes just as the times have.
Orestobsession is a passage through occidental history which makes a stop at all significant historical events. Ideologies and centuries give birth to the children that they have earned, but they must part ways with the predefined patterns in order to be truly free.
Translated into: English