Clemens Mädge

Paula (8+)
2 D, 2 H, Doppelbesetzungen möglich
UA: 20.09.2018 · · Directed by: Kathrin Mayr
The father of 8-year-old Paula is dead. Her mother is grieving, but for Paula there is another priority. She has to find a missing package that contains the end of a story! Namely the story her father had started to tell shortly before his death. And which is about the brave Lotte. Paula is at a loss, as her father had promised her to send the parcel in time. Now that her mother refuses to think up a new story with Paula, or at least to go looking for it with her, Paula, full of emotions, runs away from her mother into the courtyard. Somewhere this parcel must be found, she thinks, and starts looking. Her search leads her through the apartment building, and she experiences all kinds of strange things with her neighbours: The caretaker tries to catch a mouse, her friend Felix has to do his homework first, instead of helping her look for it, Mrs Keller sneaks around suspiciously, and Mr. Brausebitter turns out to be quite nice. But Paula doesn't let herself be put off, she just can't get the package out of her mind. As a last resort, she desperately asks Mrs Immerschön if she could help her, and an adventurous journey through the jungle begins for both of them.
Will Paula finally manage to find her father's last message? Giving up is not an option for her after all...