Falk Richter

7 Darsteller*innen
UA: 19.08.2021 · Königliches Theater Kopenhagen · Directed by: Falk Richter
You can feel shame but also pride when you finally dare to show the whole world your true self. Coming out as a queer person is often a process full of contradictions. Fears and hopes accompany all those who express their feelings and wishes freely for the first time. A new world can open up when one faces the challenge of rediscovering one's identity, finding love, forming relationships and starting families outside the traditional paths.
Falk Richter lets seven queer performers from five different countries tell very personal stories about their experiences and asks: What have we achieved? What lies behind us? What will the future bring? And can the dreams of a world where everyone can feel free and safe come true?

PRIDE celebrates the achievements of the long struggle for equality and freedom. And in doing so, takes a close look at the worrying rise of old and new homophobia in countries like Poland and Hungary, where the freedom of queer people is once again at stake.