Andreas Marber

Seine Braut war das Meer und sie umschlang ihn
Text für eine Schauspielerin, einen Globus, eine Handvoll Seemanslieder und eine Flasche Sekt
1 D
UA: 21.11.2010 · Staatstheater Mainz · Directed by: Philipp Kugler
Every year on the anniversary of his death, she commemorates the loss of her great love with a bottle of champagne: her husband was a captain on a cruise ship, who travelled all seven seas and rarely spent time with her. And then she lost him to the sea, on his birthday. She, the abandoned sailor's bride, now dreams herself back into that old life, year after year. She talks about the hustle and bustle of the captains’ dinners, of the love-sick passengers, the proud sea-bears, the forgotten land-rats, of delicate hands and magnificent uniforms.

In her imagination she is on the deck of a luxury steamer, in reality she is nursing a bottle of sparkling wine….the bride loses the terra firma beneath her feet. Has the sea really embraced her husband? Or is this wild ride across the sea, this lustful cruise full of hearty sailors, only a passionately woven sailor’s yarn? (Announcement Staatstheater Mainz)