Falk Richter

Sieben Sekunden
(In God We Trust)
UA: 04.10.2003 · Schauspielhaus am Pfauen, Zürich · Directed by: Falk Richter
Sieben Sekunden is a lightning-fast oratorio about a war. Nobody knows either when it started nor when it will end.
The laws according to which the war is fought seem to be those of an American soap opera.
A bomber pilot is on his way to his destination. In front of him there is his on-board computer, under him the desert, in his head he pictures his family: Marge while shopping, the children playing, Marge in front of the TV.
Provincial everyday life in America and warmongering permeate each other. The onboard computer fails. The shooter becomes the projectile. The crash lasts seven seconds - we see the last images, the thoughts of the pilot, and a film that says nothing about the reality of the war.

Falk Richter's meticulously composed linguistic hysteria gives way to a breathless silence, the nothingness that arises when images collapse. (Stephan Wetzel)
Translated into: English, French, Polish, Spanish


Falk Richter
Sieben Sekunden
Sieben Sekunden ist ein Blitz-Oratorium über einen Krieg, von dem niemand weiß, ... mehr
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