Roland Schimmelpfennig

Start Up
Auftragsarbeit für das GermanTheatreAbroad
2 D, 3 H
UA: 12.10.07 · GermanTheaterAbroad, New York · Directed by: Ronald Marx
DSE: 13.10.07 · Nationaltheater Mannheim · Directed by: Burkhard C. Kosminski
Three Germans drive into Anytown, USA, looking for their piece of the american dream. They've come all the way from Berlin to rent a buildung and start up a business. There are just a few problems: one's starving, one's missing, one's gotten involved in certain practices and they're all broke. But the biggest problem is their would-be american landlord, Ike, who just doesn't get their business plan: "What I want to know is this: I come in here, in to your store, and what happens then: Whatr are you going to sell me? What ca I buy her?" Micha: "Nothing."

Translated into: Spanish