Roland Schimmelpfennig

Wenn, dann: Was wir tun, wie und warum
Auftragsarbeit für das Schauspiel Frankfurt
4 H
UA: April 2011 · Schauspiel Frankfurt · Directed by: Christoph Mehler
"Three workmen
- Who says there’s no joist in there? –
- Joist – I don’t see any joist –
- But there could be one in there.
- Who says that’s not a load-bearing wall? –
- That can’t be a load-bearing wall –
- And if so –
- If so? If so, then –
- Then what?
- Yeah – then –
- There’s nothing in the plan –
- In the plan, yeah, but the plan – the plan isn’t made for this.
- The plan is the plan.
He looks at the plan.
- But who says that the plan is right? -
A short pause.
- Who says that the plan isn’t right?
With the plan in their hands, they look at one another, at a loss.”

A builder can’t get along with his workmen, and the workmen can’t get along with him. An old town house is supposed to be converted – nobody knows how things (and people) fit together, who is supporting what and what something is supporting, but everyone knows better.