Harald Kislinger

Wiener Würstl und Berliner mit Schuss
3 D, 4 H, 2 Dek
frei zur UA
A Berlin family and a Viennese family are preparing for the big family meeting in Vienna. And it turns into a fight for life and death. The already-deceased but revenge-thirsty grandmother spins family connections by appearing to both half-brothers and setting them against each other. The reservations on both sides are substantial: after all, they hardly know each other. At last, both nations and families are united, and while in the beginning they exercise restraint, things escalate in the evening, fuelled by vast quantities of alcohol, while a football match between Germany and Austria is being shown on TV. Now, the hatred knows only borders. The families themselves muster for battle and in the end a corpse, beautifully laid out, is adorning the living room. Despite that, the survivors see the visit as a success. The grandmother, who of course has the last word, is also content.
A farce – not only for people from Vienna or Berlin…