Lothar Kittstein

Zu spät! Zu spät! Zu spät!
Ein Überforderungsprojekt
Idee und Stückentwicklung von Lothar Kittstein und Michael Lippold
3 D, 2 H
UA: 08.11.2013 · Theater im Bauturm, Köln · Directed by: Michael Lippold
Five coaching specialists meet at the ultimate training seminar. It is far from civilization, and far from any mobile phone reception. And apparently, it’s far from all the seminar leaders, since they never appear. This threatens to unbalance the experts of self-realization just a little. They decide to spend the night at the seminar center nevertheless. The temptation to subject each other to therapy is difficult to resist. At the same time, reality slips away from them, and they begin to fight—against each other, and against madness.