Sabine Harbeke

11° windstill
3 D, 5 H
UA: 16.01.2010 · Kiel · Directed by: Sabine Harbeke
“the sky was grey, yellow-grey, threatening. additionally, a merciless wind, which whirled up dust and sand so that one had to protect one’s face and eyes with one’s hands. i had fastened my hood, walking next to the wheelchair, and had no idea that i would encounter love in all its might, here, at the outermost end of this country. after all, i was already 74.”
a storm, ravaging the coast for more than two weeks, brings four people without any internal anchor or connection to society into a harbour city. there, they meet gisela, gudrun, heinz and uwe, the characters from schonzeit, the first part of the northern trilogy of happiness, who wrest desires, illusions and life defining lies from the bleakness of their daily life with all of their power. nothing will stay as it was, the border between delusion and bliss becomes blurred, and archaic laws demand their tribute.