Katharina Tanner

Alles Liebe
Pas de Deux
1 D, 1 H, 1 Dek
UA: 18.05.2001 · theater rampe stuttgart · Directed by: Andrej Lazarew
Therese and Robert, a happily separated couple, meet every few months for half an evening or a whole evening in the anonymity of a hotel room in the middle of the rail route. It’s for the good of their gifted, cello-playing twins. But this time a third party disrupts the reasonable meeting: Rosendorn, Therese’s dreamlike lover. Because of him, something they believed dead begins again for the couple: the story of a love without escape. Grotesque, obsessive, unfair. A precisely choreographed, artfully instrumentalised pas de deux on a knife’s edge. (Reto Ott)

THERESE You always tell this story.
THERESE Not to every woman.
ROBERT If she’s appealing.
THERESE To every woman, who appeals to you.
ROBERT Not every one.
THERESE Nearly every one.
ROBERT Not anymore to nearly every one.
THERESE I don’t believe a word. You’re lying. Everyone knows it.