Manfred Hausmann

Aufruhr in der Marktkirche
Reformationspiel in 15 Bildern
1 D, 17 H, 1 Dek
UA: Oktober 1957 · Hannover
Hannover 1533. The service in the Discalced monastery turns into a political and theological assembly. The positions are irreconcilable: the representatives of the Catholic church insist on their sole claim concerning the interpretation of the scripture. The radical reformers follow Luther’s position and believe that everyone is a priest. But they want more: they are willing to take action to enforce the equality of all people. “Words. Words! We’re fed up with words!” An uprising develops. At the climax of the iconoclastic riot, Hans Grönewald returns from Wittenberg. He visited Luther to get answers to the many questions of the community. Grönewald has to realise that the rift doesn’t just split the city, but also his family. Hubris, maintenance of power or fear of freedom: the reasons for some being stuck in the middle ages, others thinking Luther’s teaching not radical enough are manifold. In complicated talks with his sons, his wife, the teacher and the priest of the church, he faces scepticism with Luther’s teachings on several layers and jibes at the misinterpretations of all parties. What he has learned is humility: man can err trying to interpret the scripture. The only thing you can rely on is the word of God. Left by everyone, he starts singing “a mighty fortress”. The parish joins in.
Keenly portrayed characters, influential dialogues, high engagement: Manfred Hausmann makes the discomfiture of the time of reformation tangible. His reformation play is also a hymn to the force of language.