Manfred Tauchen, Hagen Range

Ein kabarettistisches Rockmusikal
Musik von Wolfgang Ambros
4 D, 6 H, St
UA: 9.08.2012 · Wiener Stadtsaal · Directed by: Manfred Tauchen
The “Dear Augustin” is an insignia of the Viennese soul. Joie de vivre and a death wish fought in his golden Viennese heart while hubris and vanity ate at him like greedy rats. But what really happened in the early hours of that morning in 1679, when folk singer Augustin fell into the plague pit and was recovered the next morning by the plague servants, unharmed? A miracle? A deal with the devil? Was there drinking involved? And who brought the plague into the city anyway? The truth is being unveiled mercilessly. You should already know one thing: Death - the Grim Reaper - is not a bachelor!!!