Gerhard Meister, Philipp Gurth

Chur 1947
nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Philipp Gurth
10 D, 20 H, Mehrfachbes. möglich
UA: 22.07.2021 · Freilichtspiele Chur · Directed by: Marco-Luca Castelli
Chur in the hot summer of 1947: a serial murderer of young women terrifies the town.
Suspicion soon falls on a young man who works as a farmhand in a poorhouse. After the first interrogation he flees to the mountains and a merciless hunt begins.
But Walter Caminada of the local police encounters inconsistencies in his investigations. The traces lead him to the madhouse, but also to the highest circles of the local government - until Caminada himself gets into trouble... (Announcement Freilichtspiele Chur)