Lukas Hammerstein

Damals wurde es irgendwie heller
Auftragsarbeit für das Staatstheater Nürnberg
1 D, 2 H, 1 Darsteller
UA: 09.12.2011 · Staatstheater Nürnberg · Directed by: Kathrin Mädler
We used to have ideals
What do you know of ideals? Have you ever driven a cab? Have you worked in a record shop only one day, have you survived one party conference like this one, have you ever held flaming speeches?
What would be ideal now would be a beer

ME and HIM. Soul mates. Friends, maybe. Maybe competitors. After-68ers. HE always wanted everything – save the world, create beautiful things, be engaged and successful. An idealist? ME always stuck to them – the friend, the women, the zeitgeist. A spectator? Both have lived their lives without and with each other, have met repeatedly and still lost sight of each other. They have loved the same woman, fought with the same friends and still took completely different paths in the pursuit of happiness. Now, after a magnificent fall from an unprecedented political career, HE invites ME to a meeting at a very special place. Where was life? What have they searched for? And how did they find each other?

Damals wurde es irgendwie heller is a play about the desire for love and death – the panorama of a generation which had vivid dreams of departure and found itself in dull meaninglessness. (Staatstheater Nuremberg)