Hannelene Limpach

Das Regenbogenkind
Ein Märchen
Für Kinder ab 2 Jahren
2 D, 4 H, 3 Dek
UA: 06.11.1992 · Pfalztheater, Kaiserslautern · Directed by: Hannelene Limpach
Puntalena, the rainbow child, is curious and wants to take a closer look at the three ravens in the rainbow forest. She leans too far over the edge of the rainbow and falls to the ground directly in front of the three ragged ravens. As Master Rain, the ruler of the rainforest, is in serious conflict with the sun, the ravens shut Puntalena in a cage as hostage. But she is able to free herself, and goes with Poko, the smallest raven, on a search for the rainbow.

They meet the beautiful Poppy Flower Princess, who decides to accompany Poko and Puntalena on their adventurous journey. They come to a desert, into the realm of the Wild Wind, who will not let them travel through the country. Unexpectedly, they get help from Cardo, a famous film actor who takes them straight to the foot of the rainbow and shows them the rescue ladder. Puntalena can go home, the dispute between Master Rain and the Sun is ended. Poko accompanies the Poppy Flower Princess back into her realm, for he has fallen in love.

Das Regenbogenkind, an exciting, colorful and imaginative play for young children, has been successfully played in other theaters since its premiere in Kaiserslautern in 1992.