Bodo Kirchhoff

Der Ansager einer Stripteasenummer gibt nicht auf
1 H
UA: 26.11.1995 · Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus · Directed by: Detlef Altenbeck
Is good old striptease dead? And did its audience dissolve into dust as well, retreat in front of the TV? Or has it only died for those who are supposed to get undressed? If so, it still exists, and our time doesn’t lack exhibitionistic wishes; but how do you get one to the other? By using language – how else? The announcer of a strip show enters the stage. He promises the last classical strip tease on German soil: Andrea (or Andreas) will only be wearing a red ribbon at the end, which poses an irrevocable invitation to the audience (the reader), to imagine this ribbon as removed, not only for the moment, but forever more, which can’t be underestimated as a form of torture. But Andrea (or Andreas) seems to be late, and all the announcer has are sentences like the one with the ribbon; he has to keep talking and talking and to keep people’ hopes up for Andrea’s (or Andreas’) arrival, even though the person Kirchhoff’s monologue is about is there from the beginning – maybe wearing too many clothes to be visible, maybe too naked…
Translated into: Finnish