Wolfgang Maria Bauer

Der Brandner Kaspar kehrt zurück
nach Motiven von Franz Kobell
2 D, 7 H, Statisten
UA: · Landestheater Niederbayern, Landshut · Directed by: Wolfgang Maria Bauer
It’s a popular theatre classic: death, in the guise of frail Boandlkramer, comes to the small mountain hut of Brandner Kaspar. He wants to fetch him. Instead, he descends into debauchery, drinking and card games and soon owes the shrewd hermit eighteen more years of life. Heaven is in turmoil. Nevertheless, Boandlkramer manages to at least tentatively haul Brandner to paradise, where he eventually agrees to stay.
Wolfgang Maria Bauer’s play begins seven years later.
“All day paradise, every day – no one can bear that!” One night, Brandner Kaspar is looking down on Bavaria through the heavenly telescope again. He sees his home, his great-grandchildren, his granddaughter Marei and her husband Flori. Suddenly he gains knowledge of a planned theft, an imminent disaster. Brandner Kaspar is desperate: he must prevent this! He has to go back to Earth, immediately! But the only way to achieve this is Boandlkramer and his black carriage. The two of them set out to avert the impending doom. Unfortunately, things don’t go at all to plan. And the two of them mostly succeed in one thing: increasing confusion, on Earth as in heaven.