Manfred Hausmann

Der Fischbecker Wandteppich
Legendenspiel in 5 Bildern
2 D, 2 H, 1 Dek
UA: November 1955 · Bremen
An old legend talks about the founding of monastery Fischbeck. Noblewoman Helmburgis lives in an old castle with her husband Rickbert, located on a bend close to Hameln. Rickbert is a mighty battle hero. Under Kaiser Otto, he fought the Huns on the Lechfeld and was absent from his castle for years. During that time, a preacher from the Holy Land comes to the castle and is faithfully tended by Helmburgis. On his departure, he gives her a healing potion out of gratitude. This he has brewed from herbs he found in holy places. She is supposed to use the potion in an emergency in the case of illnesses. After many military campaigns, Rickbert returns home sick.
During his absence, he often wondered if his wife Helmburgis stayed true to him. She happily welcomes her husband back and nurses him carefully. Helmburgis draws a bath for him, and seeing the extent of his suffering remembers the pilgrim’s healing potion. She immediately gives it to her sick husband. But he wasn’t only jealous while travelling, but also now when back home and he distrusts his loyal spouse. After drinking the potion, he faints in the bathroom. When he wakes up after a long time, he accuses Helmburgis of trying to poison him.
To clear herself from this terrible suspicion, Helmburgis offers to prove her innocence through a trial by ordeal…