Sabine Harbeke

der himmel ist weiss
1 D, 3 H
UA: 30.01.2003 · Theater Neumarkt, Zürich · Directed by: Sabine Harbeke
a park in a city. the ocean in the distance.
maria and paul spend their lunch break together every day. sometimes she brings food, sometimes he does. they talk about her daughter and about work. sometimes, one of them doesn’t listen closely, that’s forgivable. they love each other. suddenly, she doesn’t understand him anymore and doesn’t know what to do with her rage, with her love. maria leaves. then they sit next to each other in the park again.
jan and maria steal a camera. then he films her and she films him. daily, always. they hurt each other and make peace using the pictures. there’s no way back anymore. maria leaves jan. jan doesn’t want to be left. years later he reappears. the camera in one hand. do you remember, maria? maria doesn’t want to remember.
eb and maria meet coincidentally, fall in love. he comes and goes. she works in the city. eb doesn’t talk about his wife, doesn’t want to know anything about paul. they watch the sea often. too often, he suddenly says. eb leaves maria. maria doesn’t want to be left. years later, they meet again. coincidentally. do you remember, eb? eb doesn’t want to remember.
love, as it might have been. how it develops and is already over again. how it was different. how it is beautiful. how it makes you blind. and how it’s always the same again.