Wolfgang Ambros, Manfred Tauchen

Der Watzmann ruft
Ein Rustical in 5 Akten und 3 Zugaben
Musik von Wolfgang Ambros
5 D, 5 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 1972 · Arena 72, Wien
is the ‘heart-wrenching story of man’s eternal fight with the mountain’. Right at the beginning, the narrator explains: ‘It’s the fear of the mountain, it’s as if the Watzmann wants to call you sometimes - and whom he has called, he will get.’ The danger lies in the fascination, and this fascination captures the BOY, son of the FARMER. He experiences the countless storms during lunch or while hunting as a personal call: “He’s calling me, the Watzmann! I have to go up. Up the mountain. Have to overcome him!”.
The farmer tries everything to dissuade his son, but he sneaks off during a stormy night. The farmer has a vision of his fall: “Now, there! I see it before me! Jesus, the Watzmann! Now he has grasped him! Jesus! Now! He’s falling…falling…falling… My son…” When the play finishes, the son has been gone for a month but the farmer hears him calling during lunch: now he must go up, too…
The “alpine saga of the boy enticed by the mountain” was recorded in 1974. In 1982, the Watzmannschaft exported their Austro-Pop: rock musician Ambros and cabaret artist Tauchen went on a tour through Germany with their “genius evergreen”, a “mixture of musical, rock opera and folk music”. In 1992, Ambros celebrated twenty years on stage while over 200,000 fans celebrated the success of the new tour of the Watzmänner.