Herbert Achternbusch

Der Weltmeister
Ein Theaterstück zu Adolf Hitler
3 D, 2 H
UA: 01.05.2007 · Volkstheater Wien · Directed by: Martin Oelbermann
NANNY Now it’s time for Herbert to come, because the apple strudel is nearly finished and he prefers it hot. Or should I clean up his slobber first?! No, then I will feel disgusted while eating, I will do it after the meal.

HITLER Can I sit down?

NANNY No! If you must, on the table. I can wipe the wax cloth down after. Help me lift him, Luiserl, Hitler is heavier than he looks.

LUISA The thing about Hitler is that he starts thundering immediately after eating a potato salad, not after hours of fighting the agonising bloating. He is not an inhibited one, not an inhibited farter. But a talented…

ANNAMIRL And you’re listening to that rubbish!