Hannelene Limpach

Die Geschichte vom gestiefelten Kater
Märchenspiel für Kinder ab 5 Jahren
Für Kinder ab 2 Jahren
2 D, 3 H, 4 Dek
UA: 01.12.1983 · Bühnen der Landeshauptstadt, Kiel · Directed by: Hermann-Joseph Geiger
A miller has three sons, a mill, a donkey, and a cat. When he dies, the brothers share the inheritance. The oldest one receives the mill, the second the donkey and the youngest the cat. He is very sad about this. But the cat can speak, and says, "If you let me make boots for myself, I will help you find great wealth." No sooner said than done, and the puss in boots is on its way. At the moment, a king who loves partridges reigns over the land. Unfortunately, no one is able to catch partridges for him. The clever cat, however, outwits the partridges and brings them to the king on the orders of his lord, the supposed Count Carraba. The king is so happy that he rewards him with gold. The cat goes into the castle one day, and is treated like a welcome guest. When he happens to find out about the trip the royal highness is planning to take to a lake, he forges a plan.
He tells the miller’s son to bathe in the lake, hides his clothes, and jumps before the king in front of the carriage. "Thieves have stolen the clothes from my master; he can not go out of the water, and he will catch a cold and die!" The king gives the boy clothes and lets him ride in the carriage, while the cat runs along in front of it. He passes the magician's big meadow, his huge cornfield, and his forest. The cat orders the people there to say that this country belongs to Count Carraba. Then he has the wizard turn himself into a mouse, which he devours. He presents the palace to the royal highnesses as that of his master. The "Count" marries the princess and when the king dies, he rules that land with his queen. The puss in boots becomes its first minister.