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What does happiness really look like? How do you recognize it? Can you smell it? Or taste it? Or see it? Which color is it? And above all, how and where can you find it?
These are very important questions, especially for those who are lucky charms themselves and thus should know better. But even they must admit that they have no idea.

So Mika, the lucky pig and Zipp, the lucky mushroom (who however, as fate would have it, has an unlucky twin mushroom, Zapp, “magicked” to his leg), leave the shop window of the big department store on New Year’s Eve and set off on their way to search happiness. At the first crossroads a lucky fairy falls into their laps, but unfortunately she can not remember the formula for happiness either. So, the four of them journey on together. They reach the goal, but the road to it proves to be extremely difficult and very dangerous.