Joseph Breitbach

Die Jubilarin
Volksstück in 4 Akten
9 D, 4 H, 3 Dek
UA: 21.09.1960 · Théâtre Hébertot, Paris
DSE: 26.05.1962 · Städtische Bühnen, Nürnberg
Marie Schmidt has been working in the Seelhof department store for 25 years. But her service anniversary is not to be celebrated, at least according to director Grisar, for Marie, despite her long professional experience and knowledge of the trade concerning male underwear, isn’t a “super saleswoman”.
Now it turns out Seelhof is getting competition. Emil Braun, a “Napoleon of retail”, is already testing saleswomen of Seelhof's to headhunt the best of them. Carl Schmidt, liftboy and employee representative in the retail store and illegitimate son of the jubilarian, gains knowledge of this. Carl suggests that Mr. Braun could employ his mother. This would make celebrating the anniversary impossible –which is now planned, after all, for publicity reasons.
Dispute in the male underwear department: the director has plonked saleswoman Krekovius, the “super saleswoman of the perfume department” in front of Marie, who slapped her in the presence of a customer. Grisar advocates harsh punishment, only a call by the general director, who wants to disrupt his rival Braun’s store opening in any way possible, saves Marie from being fired.
So, the anniversary is celebrated; the radio sends a reporter, and Marie has the best day of her life. She tells all listeners: “I’d always become a saleswoman again. But maybe I’d prefer working in the perfume department, where men aren’t so curt but let you advise them, and maybe then one would have come who would have married me."