Georg Ringsgwandl

Die Kunst des Wohnens
2 D, 4 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 19.03.04 · Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, München · Directed by: Georg Ringsgwandl
Dr. Feiler lives with his family in a light wood-glass-and-metal construction, which a high-caliber architect built as a fourth floor in a Gründerzeit-villa. With the exception of seven leaks in the roof, everything is satisfactory. The wife runs a pharmacy on the ground floor, the daughter wants to start an event marketing company, the son fights with his exceptional talent. Everyone has only the best intentions, but the family still starts to wobble. In the moment of their greatest distress, the father makes a contract with the devil. Suddenly, the daughter's company grows, the son becomes a TV star, and the father becomes chief physician. When the devil demands his wages, he wants something different from what they all had expected.