Alexander Widner

Die Stadt
Eine Komödie
1 D, 1 H, 1 Dek
UA: 07.07.1994 · Das Schauspielhaus, Wien · Directed by: Hans Gratzer
The virtuoso dramatist, pars pro toto of the city of Vienna, eavesdrops on his protagonists and the panache for his next play. “Widner, a kind of minimalist, shows the small world in which the great test takes place in its typical basic unit: an old married couple.” The author condenses the murderous, one-sided verbal attacks of the obsessive “slipper anarchist” Siegfried Grössel against his most beloved object of hate into an absurd comedy with a “surprise ending.” (Die Presse on the world premiere on 07/07/1994 at the Schauspielhaus Wien)