Die Töchter des Danaos
ins Deutsche übertragen von Gerhard Meister
Deutsch von Gerhard Meister
1 D, 2 H, Chor, Gefolge
UA: der Bearbeitung 17.12.2015 · Konzert Theater Bern · Directed by: Ramin Gray
They fled from their homeland to the altar of a temple before Argos, seeking protection, help, asylum: the fifty daughters of Danaos, accompanied by their old father. The men they flee from are their cousins, the sons of Aigyptus: rough fighters who want to marry the girls against their will. They place their trust in the safe haven which the altar offers to refugees. When King Pelasgos arrives, they ask him to find a new home for them in Argos.

For Pelasgos, the decision is not an easy one. He recognizes the needs of the strangers, and also knows that they are distant relatives. He would like to help, but a worry weighs heavily on him: Does he have the right to risk war with the sons of Aigyptus and endanger the lives of the citizens of his city - for a few strangers? (...)

It is a play that, alien as it may be at first sight in its choric structure, is proving to be striking already at second glance. (Konzert Theater Bern)