Herbert Achternbusch

Die Vorgänger
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4 D, 15 H, Verwandlungsdek
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The boy is digging up questions that will remain unanswered. But while exploring his heritage, the old man reveals his model, his construct, that tries to span the before and after.
The men - with figures in their chests - are “survivors”, as opposed to the women, who are “onlyvivors”, whose existence is limited to a set timeframe. The girl with the insatiable desire for freedom is searching for the vertical connection to her predecessors, designing her own language, making her a pariah in the realm of women…
What will be is gathered from what was. An image of the future, obeying its own logic, is conceived. Clinging to the attempt to overcome one’s own (temporal) limits, to fight the sudden end, but also to remove one’s own isolation from the others, from nature.
The movement of this consideration aims in two different directions itself: it is a venture ahead, into the future, as well as a persistent advance into the past. This poses the question of whether a predecessor is behind or unstoppably ahead in time, if he is ancestor or a pioneer for the one who follows… “The last thing I heard was: Build the city/ Build the city”.
"This is a landscape, that, like any other landscape, came into existence by destroying the previous landscape. Let’s have a nice day.”
(Herbert Achternbusch)