Manfred Hausmann

Die Zauberin von Buxtehude
Schauspiel in 5 Akten
1 D, 9 H, Verwandlungsdek
UA: 14.10.1959 · Kammerspielkreis Lübeck, Buxtehude · Directed by: Eberhard Möbius
A lighting technician, a curtain drawer, a fireman, a dramaturg and the lighting technician’s girlfriend try, purely out of joy for transformation, to improvise the remarkable story of the “sorceress of Buxtehude”, which took place in 1556. A woman of high standing was accused of being a witch and condemned.

The social differences between them are a topic for the theatre people who have come together here, too. In the entr’actes, their private passions finally become entangled in a separate plot, in counterpoint to the witch’s trial that happened four hundred years ago. Both plots come together and make visible the way in which the past is significant for the present.
The dominant topic of the play is the question of the sense of senseless suffering: “For us, it’s about the human being, this weird thing made from dreams and fears, about the powers which rise in the soul, when something comes over it with need and loneliness and terror and senseless suffering.” But there isn’t only asking and lamenting, but also answering.