Reto Finger

Einer wie ich würde mich vom Springen auch nicht abhalten
1 D, 4 H
UA: 07.05.2007 · Schauspiel Essen · Directed by: Annette Pullen
If you’re looking at it from a purely theoretical viewpoint, Paul and Jule have found a very mature solution for their duty of care towards the shared child after the divorce. They live in separate flats, but on the same floor. The child can go from parent to parent as much as it wants. This juridical achievement has been going on for three months. That’s a reason to celebrate. Paul hosts a party on the roof of the house. But the evening doesn’t go according to plan. That’s not only Jule’s (who is annoyed by her ex-husband) or Ingo’s (an old school friend, only contacted again because of the need for a lawyer) fault. Because next to Mr. Schlegl, a completely silent guest arrives whose speechlessness on the outermost brink of the roof terrace stimulates revelations. At the end of this protocolled night, nothing is as it was. The arrangement is off, freedom is an illusion and life obviously does not adhere to paragraphs.

In this play, Reto Finger has achieved a masterful observation of the life of people in their mid-thirties. With a crystal-clear eye and fine humour, he thoroughly scours the desires of a society confronted with an abundance of possibilities.

"Everyone has their monologue, their soul-striptease-aria, which is poetically emphasised by Reto Finger. With a light hand, the Swiss playwright, born in 1972, weaves realistic dialogues into these concentrated texts. The play floats between the realms of absurd theatre and authentic soul studies.” (Frankfurter Rundschau)