Herbert Achternbusch

1 D, 1 H
UA: 26.05.2007 · Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen in Koprod. mit dem Forum Stadtparktheater Graz · Directed by: Ernst Binder
“Dear H.!
...You are a great artist, and I think it is this that also distinguishes us. I am a bit afraid, for Herbert, who I love - still and always - dissolves into art more and more. The most dangerous rival is art. To merge with it is my only chance. I do what I can, but a turtle is always a bit slow… Cautiously and (sometimes it seems to me much too) slowly, I start loving the woman in me, the woman I can and want to be, when (and hopefully soon) I manage, to free, to redeem myself from the acquired image of the subservient, humble slave. And I can only achieve this through the torture of loneliness, being separated from you, my ‘better me’.
You confused me so… So much, that I’ve been writing this letter for weeks… And I always add a tiny piece, then think it isn’t good like that, then think it is, just write how you feel and tell him everything happening inside your mind, finally, after not doing it for so many years when you should have, because it would have been the best and only way…”