Beate Faßnacht

Engel in Tupfenkleidern
3 D, 2 H
frei zur UA
Hilde, Heinz and Herbert have just buried their mother. Now they are annoyed that the father is still alive. They would have liked to bury him as well. Who should take care of him now? They all don't have time, the old Nazi alcoholic Heinz, Hilde who works as a prostitute in the upper price segment and Herbert who is getting divorced. To make matters worse, there is suddenly a pair of twins in the room. Cute girls in polka dot dresses. Herbert and Heinz immediately succumb to their childlike charm. But certainly not Hilde. Nobody fools her so easily. Because she immediately sees that these are not sweet children. They are very old, completely shriveled and quite pushy. They simply won't go away. On the contrary, the two old people make themselves comfortable on their father's lap and then claim that they just fell from the sky.

Beate Faßnacht uses black humor to attack family constellations that reveal their naked grimaces at the latest when there really is nothing left to gain from the parents. And giving is completely overrated anyway. Does a completely brutalized society only get the angels it deserves in the end?