Wolfgang Maria Bauer

Fata Morgana
3 D, 6 H, Doppelbes. möglich
UA: 21/22 · Residenztheater München
After a large fire that destroyed their farm and the death of the demented father, the son and daughter, their mother and the refugee Abdul are left with nothing. But they have a new idea for a new beginning: With the help of Abdul's knowledge, they want to take the refugee route in order to turn it into a special kind of adventure tourism. From Munich, the route is always upstream, and they encounter all kinds of characters: On the train through Serbia the mother thinks back to an old lover, off the coast of Greece they are taken in by an "escape helper" who has not yet caught anybody on the way to Syria in his net. And having just arrived in Syria, a lot of money is offered for the daughter's body. Before you know it, their tracks are lost in the sand, and the illusory happiness of the tourists turns out to be nothing more than a mirage.