Daniel Maximilian, Thomas Pauli

3 D
frei zur UA
They meet to celebrate Sarah's birthday: Lucy, Jacky and Sarah, a trio of infernals in their mid-forties who have known and loved each other since their time in Med School. The joy they feel at their reunion is revealed by their jokes, tricks, and friendly affection. All three of them reveal small secrets and, struggling, weeping, and reconciling, slowly but surely reach the climax of the evening, whereby the upbeat tone becomes more and more a tricky façade. The evening is about life and death ... more specifically, about Sarah's death and how to prevent it. But even if one woman believes she can trick the others, she will have to recognize that it has all been in vain in a bizarre finale, where everything turns out to have been rigged in advance.

What begins at first sight as a harmless birthday party quickly proves itself to be a dance on the top of a volcano. Three strong women, in a lively comedy, make use of all the forces available to them to make this evening unforgettable, but also hopeful. But that drives everyone to their limit.

Translated into: English