Werner Schneyder

2 D, 4 H, 1 Dek
UA: 11.04.2003 · Komödie am Kurfürstendamm, Berlin · Directed by: Martin Wölffer
Walter Salzmann is a cabaret artist and knows the pitfalls of the trade. It’s always the same: some PR people engage an artist because there needs to be an embellishment to the drinks with corporate partners after a gala dinner – and then there is only a miniscule platform for his performance, the requested grand piano is a puny upright, and the proper light for his entrance hasn’t been planned either! The owner of the bar has rented it out. He’s only interested in how much champagne flows during the evening. He finds cabaret artists with a leftist history like this Walter Salzmann, who used to be on the television a lot, suspicious anyway.
Salzmann skilfully raises a theatrical ruckus: he will not sell himself so far beneath his value! The manager that gets summoned lives up to his reputation: there is no organisational problem that he can’t solve! When in the last minute everything is set up as desired, the evening still drifts in a direction that no-one could have predicted…
“Dry, unwavering, dialectic. The punch lines are perfect.” (Berliner Morgenpost)
“A dialog straight out of real life and full of (often bitter) humour. The opening night audience was hooked.” (Berliner Zeitung)
“Self-reflexive theatre is always great to see. Now a cabaret artist enters the field.” (Tagesspiegel)