Robert Woelfl

Goldene Türen
1 H
frei zur UA
A man stands on a pedestal in the middle of the pedestrian zone and tells his life story. He used to be a successful entrepreneur until one day he suddenly took his watch off his wrist and smashed it, drove his car into the wall in the garage, stopped picking up his phone, stopped entering his business and left his family. He used to be a successful entrepreneur who made doors and sold them all over the world, now he lives in a shelter by the canal, in a shack without a door.

At first it sounds like the man is asking us to follow the same path of renunciation that he walked. He sounds like a preacher looking for followers, like a seducer and leader of a cult, but soon it becomes clear that this man is talking about his own doubts all the time. Is it right to renounce everything and reject every form of possession? Is it right to give up everything and choose poverty? Is it the necessary turning back on a wrong path or merely another wrong path and another form of vanity? How can one escape one's own vanity at all?

Does society need such escapists? Merely as an exception to the rule? Or should society consist entirely of dropouts?

Do we need a front door made of gold or, on the contrary, should we close all doors behind us and never return to our old lives?