Herbert Achternbusch

Herz aus Glas
UA: März 2021 · Residenztheater München, Marstall · Directed by: Elsa-Sophie Jach
The rising of the seas, the dying of the forests and even the two world wars are said to have been predicted by the forest prophet Mühlhiasl, who allegedly lived in the 16th century in the area of Straubing and entered the mythical world of the Bavarian Forest as the Bavarian Nostradamus. The playwright, author-filmmaker and poet Herbert Achternbusch uses this legend to tell of a society that does everything in its power to preserve its prosperity. After all, the whole village lives on the fame of the expensive ruby glass from the local manufactory - except that the glass master who has just died took the secret formula to his grave. The cowherd Hias, who was summoned in a hurry to remedy the situation, confirms the clairvoyant abilities attributed to him by being there before he was even called. Driven by his gloomy prophecies on the one hand and by the tyrannical glassworks owner Goldfinger on the other, the whole village gets into turmoil and is soon ready to sacrifice their peace of mind for wealth. (Announcement of the Munich Residenztheater)