Nuran David Calis

Homestories - Geschichten aus der Heimat
Ein Stück von Jugendlichen aus Katernberg und Nuran David Calis
Für Kinder ab 10 Jahren
20 Darsteller, (Doppelbesetzungen möglich)
UA: 11.02.06 · Schauspiel Essen, Casa · Directed by: Nuran David Calis
For Homestories, 20 teenagers from Essen’s neighbourhood of Katernberg have gone on the journey of exploring the world of theatre together with Nuran David Calis. For six months, Nuran David Calis has lived in Katernberg and the teenagers told him their stories and the stories of their neighbourhood. Together, they asked the big questions of love, friendship and home, searched for the big drama and investigated normal life. They wrote down their dreams and talked about their anger, about hopes and desires and about the way to happiness.
The result is a shared story, which is many stories at the same time. A story about growing up in difficult circumstances, about strangeness and closeness and, of course, again and again about love and friendship.