Katja Hensel

Im Sprung der toten Katze
Auftragsarbeit für das Staatstheater Kassel
3 D, 4 H
UA: 21.01.2012 · Staatstheater Kassel · Directed by: Nicole Oder
The depths of the financial crisis have been explored, everyone has learned a lot, but basically nothing has changed. There’s lots of talk about money, even onstage. But the money itself rarely talks. The play in the Leap of the Dead Cat looks for a change of perspective: what is money’s core of being? How can you make the mind of loan money visible? Is cash hurt by bank cards being increasingly preferred? (The answer: yes, sometimes.) What is the connection between guilt and debts? Katja Hensel narrates the daily life of cash without prospects, which opens a bar and fights its disappearance that way. The play showcases a couple that create added value from love, invest in each other, get into emotional debt and multiply, and accompanies a capital market that visits an analyst, who at first refuses to help at all. (Staatstheater Kassel)