Markus Bennemann

13 Darsteller (Doppelbesetzungen möglich), Verwandlungsdek
Thinking that every conifer is only waiting to end up as a Christmas tree in a far-too-warm living room is a terrible misbelief! Small fir tree Evergreen, at least, doesn’t like this at all. It decides to run from the festively decorated house. But the little tree reckoned without Line and Simon, who of course don’t want to let their Christmas tree go. To make up for it, they promise to take Evergreen back to the forest as soon as the holidays are over.

Admittedly, they are unable to fully keep their promise, but they take Evergreen with them on their ski trip. Evergreen likes putting up with that. And it’s fun to have a skiing fir tree on the slope! Only the needle shedding problem still needs to be solved. But then Line and Simon have a brainwave. (Announcement by the dtv)

Markus Bennemann’s story of the small fir tree Evergreen was very successful when it was published as an advent calendar book with dtv in 2004. This stage version showcases its power as an unsentimental but heartfelt Christmas tale. With humour and originality, it also deals with the feeling of being put in the wrong skin and the wrong place. But Line and Simon discover Evergreen’s heart, and nothing stands in the way of a happy ending anymore.