Nuran David Calis

Kinder der Revolution
Auftragsarbeit für das Schauspielhaus Bochum
9 Darsteller
UA: 12.04.2013 · Schauspielhaus Bochum · Directed by: Nuran David Calis
Over roughly two years the balance of the world has been redefined, beginning with the Arab countries. Nearly everywhere it’s the young people whose protests achieve change. In the West, the discontent of the young generation is breaking ground as well, whether the lootings of the London riots or the big demonstrations in Madrid, New York and other cities. But what do those who are young in Germany know about the protests in the world? Together with author and director Nuran David Calis, nine acting students from Bochum have contacted people of the same age all over the world and are now telling stories of life and awakening in Tunisia, Spain, Iran, America, Libya, England, Russia and the Gaza Strip – about hope and the drama of their generation.

At the theatre meet-up of German language acting schools, which took place from 23 to 29 June 2013 at the Berlin University of the Arts, Children of the Revolution won the Friedl Wald foundation prize of €10,000 – the top prize of the meet-up.
(Announcement Schauspielhaus Bochum)