Leo Tolstoi

Krieg und Frieden
Dramatisiert von Roland Schimmelpfennig
12 D, 21 H, St (Doppelbesetzung möglich)
frei zur UA
Andrej: No prisoners! That would change the whole war.
No prisoners! Kill everyone and die yourself!
Let’s get the whole thing done as soon as possible,
why drag the whole thing out unnecessarily?
The goal of war is murder,
the weapons of war are espionage and treason,
the destruction of countries and the plundering of populations.
What holds the army together?
Discipline, idleness, cruelty, drunkenness.
But nevertheless, all emperors, other than the Chinese, wear uniform,
He who kills the most people is promoted,
a thanksgiving mass is even held for
having killed thousands upon thousands of people.
But how does God receive these prayers?
Short pause
See you next time!
Short pause
That’s what one says: see you next time,
even if there will never be a next time for us.