Katja Hensel

2 D, 5 H, Doppelbesetzungen möglich
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Ferdinand has a new job that makes everything possible – if he only makes an effort. The job: insurance salesman. And his girlfriend Nadja has a cousin who would do nearly anything for money. His name: Paul. At the moment, he is thinking about restructuring his shady circumstances with the help of one of the insurances he arranged with Ferdinand. And what’s a leg compared to €150,000? What, for heaven’s sake, is a leg compared to the prospect of happiness, wealth and contentment? In this, Paul is quite adjustable. Even if it would mean some gory action. But he can simply ask his bother Rocko for help, for he still owes him quite a lot. Paul has financed his whole vintage car, for this, Rocko can help sawing off a leg. After all, Paul wants to be able to provide for his family.
But weirdly, playing with money like this isn’t that simple. The components shift, and soon nothing goes together anymore. Paul’s wife Monika is getting thinner and thinner, Nadja is getting fatter and fatter (for good reason), Rocko is getting more brutal, son Simon is getting more precocious, insurance boss Vossler even more sleazy and Ferdinand unpleasantly jaded. The question is if Paul wouldn’t have been better off keeping both of his legs to be able to run if necessary.
With a razor-sharp edge and black humour, Katja Hensel writes about the illusions of fast money. When a dream changes into an idée fixe, deeds are done faster than the mind can think about them. And that can often have rather unpleasant consequences.